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This page provides links to the nine challenge papers that appeared in the Proceedings of IJCAI-97, the Fifteenth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence. If you are interested in answering one of these challenges, you should visit the home page associated with the challenge and, if you have questions, contact the point person identified with the challenge. Home pages and point persons are listed below in the order in which the challenge papers appeared in the proceedings.


  1. The Predictive Toxicology Evaluation Challenge
    Authors: Srinivasan, King, Muggleton, Sternberg
    Point person: Ashwin Srinivasan Ashwin.Srinivasan@comlab.ox.ac.uk

  2. What is the Impact of Bayesian Networks on Learning?
    Authors: Friedman, Goldszmidt, Heckerman, Russell
    Point person: Nir Friedman nir@cs.berkeley.edu

  3. Adaptive Web Sites: an AI Challenge
    Authors: Perkowitz, Etzioni
    Point person: Oren Etzioni etzioni@cs.washington.edu

  4. The RoboCup Synthetic Agents Challenge 97
    Authors: Kitano, Tambe, Stone, Veloso, Coradeschi, Osawa, Matsubara, Noda, Asada
    Point person: Hiroaki Kitano kitano@csl.sony.co.jp

  5. Understanding Three Simultaneous Speeches
    Authors: Okuno, Nakatani, Kawabata
    Point person: Hiroshi G. Okuno okuno@nue.org

  6. Distributed Vision System: An Informative Infrastructure for Robot Navigation
    Authors: Ishiguro
    Point person: Hiroshi Ishiguro ishiguro@kuis.kyoto-u.ac.jp

  7. Challenges in bridging plan synthesis paradigms
    Point person: Subbarao Kambhampati rao@asu.edu

  8. Computational Challenges in Propositional Reasoning and earch
    Authors: Selman, Kautz, McAllester
    Point person: Bart Selman selman@cs.cornell.edu

  9. How IJCAI 1999 can Prove the Value of AI by using AI
    Authors: Geller
    Point person: James Geller geller@homer.njit.edu

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