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The Exhibition at IJCAI 99

3-5 August 1999, Folkets Hus, Stockholm

The exhibition at IJCAI 99 is an important part of the conference. As an exhibitor, you will meet highly qualified people among the delegates. You will obtain a general view of the various research areas and you will have many opportunities to make contacts.

You are also welcome to invite your own customers and guests to the "open house day". An excellent opportunity to emphasize your scientific habitat and give your guests an overview of the area.

Our goal is to make the exhibition easy to overview, all exhibitors should be easy to reach and find. The design of the exhibition will be flexible and interesting. We will make every effort to simplify your participation in practical and economic terms. The exhibition design has already been taken care off and will be included in the price.

The exhibition, which will take place in the Folkets Hus in Stockholm, will be divided in three groups. (It is possible for you to participate in more than one group.)

The first area that the delegates will walk into is the Exhibition group 1, consisting of three halls with companies, science projects and research groups.

The stairs will lead them on to the Exhibition group 2, which is the "Library section" with publishers, foundations and institutions.

Finally, on the top floor, close to the entrances to the conference hall is Exhibition group 3, the exhibition of the sponsors.

Enclosed you will find an outline sketch of the halls and the location of the groups. You will also find a more detailed description of each group with colour illustrations and finally, "Fact and Figures".

Exhibition Group Descriptions

Exhibitor Group 1

Companies, research groups, science projects

The architectural solution of the three rooms will be a flexible construction without standard exhibition walls. Open, easy to overview spaces built to ensure the exhibitors the maximum visibility. As an exhibitor here, you will have access to a podium for exhibiting machines or other demo materials. We will design banners for your logotype, name and a short presentation text. The halls will have well-thought-out set designs - all you have to contribute is your demo and/or your presence.

Exhibitor Group 2 The Library

Publicists, magazines, institutes and foundations

The booths will be built with one ordinary exhibition wall at the back (for posters etc.), surrounded on both sides by bookshelves for easy exposure of printed material. Each booth has space enough for meeting and reading. Exhibitor group 2 has a very central location in the building. It is close to the coffee shop and some entertaining will be performed during lunch breaks and possibly during the evenings.

Exhibitor Group 3


Space in direct contact to the conference hall (see C on the plan). Please contact exhibition and sponsoring team for building possibilities.

Fact & Figures

Time schedule

2.8 12.00-18.00   Exhibitors will have access to the exhibition rooms/halls for installations
3-5.8 10.00-18.00 Exhibition is open for congress delegates
4.8 10.00-18.00 Open house day
6.8 8.00-12.00 Exhibition is closed and dismantled

Price list




Exhibition group 1

SEK 15.000

(approx US$ 1.875)

1 podium

1 banner

2 spotlights

Possibilities for the exhibitor to participate in the congress and the social events including Robo-cup.

10 tickets to the Open House day.

Exhibition group 2

"The Library"

SEK 18.000

(approx.US$ 2.250)*

1 booth with bookshelves

1 banner

1 table

1 chair

Possibilities for the exhibitor to participate in the congress and the social events including Robo-cup.

10 tickets to the Open House day.

Exhibition group 3


Contact us for information


* If you take part in the exhibition with more than one unit you will be entitled to a discount of 20% on the additional units. All prices are excluding VAT (for Swedish companies only)

Invoicing and Cancellation Policy

A deposit fee of SEK 5,000 will be charged when the booking is confirmed. The remaining sum has to be paid on June 11, 1999. No refunds will be made.

The payment will be in SEK and handled by the IJCAI conference secretariat Congrex Sweden. All additional orders, such as access to Internet and telephones will be charged the exhibitor. Congrex Stockholm can also provide you with hotel reservation services. Please make sure that all special requests are made in writing and confirmed by Congrex.


The exhibitors are responsible for their own insurance for all material. Strict regulations concerning safety and fire have to be respected.

Stand allocation

The allocation will be presented to the exhibitors one month before the opening, together with all other important information. You are welcome to request special allocation. Our ambition is, as far as possible, to consider all requests, but the final decision will be made by the organisers.

Internet connections

All exhibitors can have a connection to Internet via an ISDN unit. See separate price list.


For contracts and information:
Elisabet Stahlénius / Katarina Waldenström
Nybrogatan 25 114 39 Stockholm Sweden, Phone+46 8 665 80 47, Fax +46 8 665 80 48
E-mail waldenstrom@nybrogatan.com, stahlenius@nybrogatan.com
Invoicing and exhibition service:
Congrex Sweden Phone + 46 8 459 66 00 Fax + 46 8 661 91 25
E-mail ijcai@congrex.se

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