Financial Support for IJCAI-97 Participants

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o JSAI Travel Support for speakers from Asian countries

JSAI (the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence) will provide travel support (100,000 - 200,000 Japanese Yen each) for ten-twenty IJCAI-97 speakers from Asian countries. Selection will be made based upon the financial situations of applicants. Students have a higher priority.

Each application should follow the same instruction as the IJCAI-97 Traveling Awards. For information regarding the JSAI suport, please contact to

Prof. Mitsuru Ishizuka (University of Tokyo)
IJCAI-97 Local Arrangement Committee, Vice Chair

o IJCAI-97 Traveling Award

IJCAII is pleased to announce the continuation of its Travel Awards Program for students, junior scientists and scientists from Eastern Europe and other countries with unstable currency interested in attending the Fifteenth International Joint Conferences on Artificial Intelligence to be held in Nagoya, Japan, August 23-29, 1997.

Separate travel award programs are available for students and junior researchers through IJCAII and other national societies. In addition, IJCAII will continue its efforts to provide travel support to those from countries with unstable currency who would otherwise be unable to attend. Due to limited availability of IJCAII Travel Award Program funds, it is highly recommended that applicants, especially students, approach their local AI Society first for possible support. For information regarding the IJCAI-97 Travel Award Program, please contact to next address.

Priscilla Rasmussen
E-mail: rasmusse@ijcai.org
Address: IJCAI-97, c/o Priscilla Rasmussen, PO Box 5490, Somerset, NJ 08875 USA
Phone/fax: 908-445-3003

o Application Procedure of Financial Support from JSAI and IJCAI

The original and three copies of a letter of request should be submitted to Priscilla Rasmussen no later than May 1, 1997. This application should state
  1. the status of the applicant (student, junior faculty, etc.)
  2. type of planned participation in the IJCAI-97 program (technical session or workshop paper, etc.)
  3. an estimate of attendance costs
  4. whether any other sources of support are available to the applicant and whether the local AI Society has been approached for support
  5. plus a letter of support (for students only) from the applicant's advisor
A post-conference report and receipts totaling the award amount will be required after the conference in order to receive the award.

In the event that travel award applications exceed available funds, preference will be given to students who have an accepted technical paper, and then to students who are actively participating in the conference in some way.

o Student Volunteer Program

Students not requiring travel assistance should only apply for the Volunteer Program, which provides complimentary registration to full time students, including conference proceedings, in exchange for assisting IJCAI-97 organizers in Japan. This program does not provide travel award funds, and is designed for local students or students who have other sources for travel funds. For further information regarding the Student Volunteer Program, please contact the Student Volunteer Coordinator,
Prof. Hidenori Itoh (Nagoya Institute of Technology)
E-mail: itoh@ics.nitech.ac.jp
The deadline for volunteer applications is May 31, 1997.

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