IJCAI-97 Workshop Schedule

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Workshop Schedule

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No. 23(Sat) 24(Sun) 25(Mon) WORKSHOP TITLE
W1 O Abduction and Induction in AI
W2 MERGED TO W6 AI and Financial Applications
W3 O AI in Digital Libraries - Moving from Chaos to (More) Order
W4 O AI in Distributed Information Networking (What have we learned and how will we deal with the convergence?)
W5 O Animated Interface Agents: Making Them Intelligent
W6 O Business Applications of AI
W7 O Collaboration, Cooperation and Conflict in Dialogue Systems
W8 O O Computational Auditory Scene Analysis (CASA'97)
W9 O Empirical AI
W10 O Third Workshop on Engineering Problems for Qualitative Reasoning
W11 O Evolvable Systems
W12 O Frontiers of Inductive Logic Programming
W13 O The Future of AI and the Internet
W14 O O Fuzzy Logic in Artificial Intelligence
W15 O Intelligent Data Analysis in Medicine and Pharmacology
W16 O Intelligent Multimodal Systems
W17 O O The First International Workshop on RoboCup (in conjunction with RoboCup-97 at IJCAI-97)
W18 O Issues in AI and Music - Evaluation and Assessment
W19 O Model-based Automated Reasoning
W20 O Modeling and Reasoning about Function
W21 O The 2nd Workshop on Multilinguality in Software Industry: The AI Contribution (MULSAIC'97)
W22 DELETED! Natural Language Understanding and Non-monotonic Reasoning
W23 O O Nonmonotonic Reasoning, Action and Change
W24 O Ontologies and Multilingual NLP
W25 O Practical Use of Case-Based Reasoning
W26 O Problem-solving Methods for Knowledge-based Systems
W27 O Programming in Temporal and non Classical Logics
W28 O Social Interaction and Communityware
W29 O Spatial and Temporal Reasoning
W30 O Using Abstraction and Reformulation in Analogy
W31 O O Using Games as an Experimental Testbed for AI Research
W32 O Validation, Verification & Refinement of AI Systems & Subsystems

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