As the gateway to the central region of Japan, Nagoya is the junction of land, marine,and air traffic. Nagoya International Airport is connected to 33 cities around the world by direct flights, and Nagoya station is the nucleus of a railway network comprising JR, private railways and subway lines. Tokyo is 1 hour 36 minutes and Osaka is 52 minutes by Shinkansen Nozomi. The Nagoya Congress Center (NCC), the IJCAI conference site, is approximately 40 minutes by car from Nagoya International Airport, and only 10 minutes by subway from downtown Nagoya.

Flights to Nagoya

Nagoya is connected to 35 major cities in the world by direct flights including:

Frankfurt(LH), Hong Kong(JL,CX), Honolulu(JL,NW), London (BA), Los Angeles (DL), Paris (AF), Portland (DL).

New Kansai International Airport (KIX) has direct flights throughout the world.

Tokyo International Airport (NRT: Narita) is the national gate way which has the extensive connection throughout the globe.

Seoul Transit is the other option which you may wish to consider. There are 3 flights/day between Nagoya and Seoul, and the Seoul is the emergent gate way for Far-East Asia.

City Transportation to NCC


Get off at Hibino or Nishi Takakura on the Meijo Line.


Get off at Kanayama Station (JR or Meitetsu Line), transfer to the subway, and get off at Hibino or Nishi Takakura.


Approximately 15 minutes from Nagoya Station and 10 minutes from downtown.

Access from Nagoya International Airport to NCC

Taxi (40 minutes)

Airport bus (55 minutes):

Get off at Kurokawa, transfer to the subway and get off at Hibino or Nishi Takakura on the Meijo line.

Fare: From NIA to Kurokawa by bus, it costs 730 yen.

Access from Osaka International Airport (KIX) to NCC


45 minutes ride in JR from Kansaikukho Station, get off at Shin-osaka Station, and transfer to the Shinkansen Hikari, 70 minutes ride, get off at Nagoya station.

Fare: From KIX to Nagoya by super express, it costs 8,120 yen.

Direct flights from/to:

Amsterdam (KL), Auckland (JL,NZ), Brisbane (AN,QF,NZ), Copenhagen (SK), Detroit (NW), Frankfurt (LH), London (BA, JL), Los Angels (NW,UA,JL), New York (NW,UA), Paris (AF,JL), San Francisco (UA), Sydney (AN,QF,NH,JL), Vancouver (AC), Zurich (SR).

Access from Tokyo International Airport(NRT)


To Osaka International Airport -- direct flights from NRT to KIX (JL,JD,NH).
To Nagoya International Airport -- direct flights from NRT to NGO (JL,NH).

Access from Tokyo International Airport(NRT) to Nagoya by Shinkansen Train via Tokyo Station

Train to Tokyo station: Take JR Narita Express (60 min.) or Airport Narita (72 min.) from Narita station and get off at Tokyo station.
Airport bus to Tokyo station: 75 minutes from NRT to Tokyo Station.

Tokyo station [Shinkansen line] to Nagoya station:
Take Shinkansen Nozomi (Non stop) 97minutes, or Shinkansen Hikari 112 minutes.

Fare: From NEX to Tokyo by Narita Express, it costs 2,070 yen.
From Tokyo to Nagoya by Shinkansen, it costs 13,080 yen.

Direct flights from/to

Detroit (NW), Frankfurt (SU,LH,NH,JL), Houston (UA), London (BA,VS,NH,JL,SU), Los Angels (KE,NW,UA,JL,DL,JL,NH,MH,SQ,RG), New York(NH,JL,NW, UA,DL,AA), Paris (NH,AF,JL,NH,SU), San Francisco (NW,VA,JL), Sydney (QF,NH,JL), Vienna (NH,OS).

Access from Seoul (Korea)

Flights via Seoul are also available.

Direct flights from/to Seoul:

Auckland(KE,NZ), Brisbane(KE,QF,NZ), Detroit(NW,OZ) New York(KE,DL,NW,OZ), Paris(AF,KE), Rome(AZ,KE), San Francisco(KE,NW,OZ), Seattle(OZ), Sydney(KE,NZ,QF), Toronto(AC,KE), Vancouver(SQ,AC,KE)

Direct flights between Seouls and Japan:


How to Get Nagoya Congress Center

How to Get NAGOYA Congress Center
Hibino Station of Meijo Line Exit 4, five minute walk.

Nishitakakura Station of Meijo Line Exit 2, five minute walk.

Nagoya City Subway Map (PDF version)

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