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Registration Information

Registration onsite in Marmorvalvet Norra Latin, City Conference Centre, 7.30 am - 6 pm, July 27 - August 6. Up to then you can register on the registration form, via fax +46 8 661 91 25 (Congrex), but also via the Web.

 Registration Information 

Registration may be done in advance or onsite. Early registration fees must be paid by June 1,1999. Late registration fees must be paid by July 1, 1999, From July 1, 1999, onsite registration fees are applied.

Registration for the City Hall reception must be marked on the form or be notified when you register on site in order to obtain a ticket. The reception is included in the technical program fee. A restriction in the number of participants on certain tours and events might be necessary. Please note that registration for the various tours and events will be confirmed on a first-come-first-served basis as payments are received.


All prices in Sweden include VAT, in most cases 25%.

Who gets the VAT refunded?
The first rule is that only enterprises/organizations can get the VAT repaid, not private persons. However, some enterprises are excluded: companies providing health care, banks, and insurance companies. Universities/schools get VAT repaid in most cases.

What is needed to get the VAT refunded?

The application form is included in your conference package.

All receipts, invoices or other documents should be in original, and explicitly specify the VAT. The sums should bein SEK; if presented in other currency, the rate of exchange should be stated.

Please note that sales slipes or receipts from credit cards are not accepted.

Back home the application has to be filled in and signed by the applicant/person authorized to sign for the company/authorized agent. In order to ensure an expeditious processing of a claim, please make sure that the documents listed above are enclosed. An application must be sent no later than six months after the end of the calendar year to which it refers. The Special Tax Office will investigate your application. VAT will be refunded as soon as possible. Payment can be made to your bank account. It is very important to fill in the complete name, address and bank code including SWIFT code and account-holder.

Advice about how to fill in the application form can be obtained at the IJCAI-99 registration desk. Questions regarding VAT refund are being answered by the Special Tax Office, phone number (+46) 0240-870 00. Telephone hours: 9 am to 3 pm, Monday-Friday.


 IJCAI-99 Technical Program 

August 3-6, 1999

Your IJCAI-99 technical program registration includes admission to all technical paper sessions, invited talks, the IJCAI-99 Exhibition, the IJCAI-99 opening session and reception at Stockholm City Hall, and the IJCAI-99 Conference Proceedings. 1 USD is approx. 8.40 SEK (July 1999).

Technical Program Fees including 25 % VAT

  Early Late Onsite
Regular SEK 4250 SEK 5000 SEK 5750
Student SEK 1250 SEK 1500 SEK 1750


 Tutorial Program 

August 1-2, 1999

Your tutorial program registration includes admission to one tutorial, the IJCAI-99 Exhibition, and one tutorial syllabus. Prices quoted are per tutorial. A maximum of four tutorials may be taken. City Hall reception is not included. 1 USD is approx. 8.40 SEK (July 1999).

Tutorial Fees including 25 % VAT

  Early Late Onsite
Regular SEK 1850 SEK 2300 SEK 2300
Student SEK 750 SEK 950 SEK 950


 Workshop Program 

July 31 - August 2, 1999

Workshop registration is limited to those active participants determined by the workshop organizer prior to the conference.

Workshop Fees including 25 % VAT

Workshop Fee SEK 500

Individuals must pay the IJCAI Technical Program registration fee in addition to the workshop fee for each workshop.



Participants in RoboCup-99 should register for IJCAI-99 Technical Program. RoboCup team leaders should also register their teams. The team fees including VAT are
Simulation League SEK 2500
Real Robot Leagues SEK 5000


 IJCAI-99 Dinner 

The fee for the dinner is SEK 600 including VAT. For more information, see the Conference Program Description.


 Accompanying Persons 

Accompanying persons are entitled to attend the Opening Ceremony and the Reception and the IJCAI-99 Exhibition. The registration fee for an accompanying person is SEK 600 including VAT.



A number of rooms in different price categories have been booked in Stockholm at preferential rates for the Conference. The prices below include VAT and breakfast.

  Single room Double room
Category A SEK 1600-2000 SEK 1900-2400
Category B SEK 850-1600 SEK 1200-1900
Category C SEK 680-850 SEK 945-1200 (Category C fully booked)

Hotel accommodation will be reserved when the registration form, together with the hotel deposit (see form) has been received by Congrex. Congrex reserves the right to book another hotel category if the desired accommodation should be fully booked. The deposit will be deducted from the hotel bill upon presentation of the participants' personal voucher, which will be issued upon registration in Stockholm. Hotel reservations should be made on the registration form. For payment details, see next section. Hotels in the city are safe, clean and well-kept. This is also true for smaller and cheaper hotels.

IJCAI-99 Headquarter Hotel will be Sheraton, price single SEK 1875, double SEK 2175, executive SEK 2175/2375. Distance to City Conference Centre from Sheraton is about a 7-10 minute walk.

RoboCup-99 Headquarter Hotel will be Hotel Tegnerlunden, close to the City Conference Centre, and Wallin Hotel in the same block as CCC, price single SEK 655, double SEK 855.

Youth Hostel Accommodation

If you are interested in information about Youth Hostel accommodation, please indicate this on the registration form.

If you wish to book a bed in a youth hostel, please indicate whether you are male or female on the registration form. The price varies between SEK 185-250 per bed. Breakfast, sheets and towels are not included in the price, but can be provided at the youth hostel for a small charge. Youth hostel places will be reserved when the registration form together with a hostel deposit of SEK 200 has been received by Congrex.


 Payment Information 

Payment should be made in advance by one of the following means:

Registration paid after the early registration deadline, June 1 1999 will be subject to late registration fees. Registration paid after the late registration deadline July 1, 1999 will be subject to on site registration fees. Hotels can be reserved during the whole period, also onsite.

Student registration must be accompanied by proof of full-time student status, such as copy of current student ID-card. Please complete the enclosed registration form and send it together with your payment to:

Congrex Sweden AB
Attn: IJCAI-99
P.O. Box 5619
Fax number +46 8 661 91 25

The form is also available on the IJCAI-99 web page.

Note that the instructions for payment are to be applied also when registering via the web. Tours, events and hotel reservations will be confirmed only when payment has been received by Congrex.



Cancellations of registration

Notification of cancellation must be sent in writing to Congrex. Cancellations of registrations will be accepted until June 15 1999, up to which date the total amount will be refunded less SEK 500 for administrative expenses. We regret that no refunds can be made for cancellations received after June 15 1999.

Cancellation of hotel reservation

Notification of cancellation must be sent in writing to Congrex. Cancellation of any hotel reservation will be accepted until June 15 1999 with the total amount refunded. We regret that the hotel deposit cannot be refunded after June 15 1999.

Cancellation of social events

Notification of cancellations must be sent in writing to Congrex (please see address above). Cancellation of social events will be accepted until June 30 1999, and the total amount will be refunded. For cancellations received after June 30, 1999 and up to two days before the start of the Conference, the payments will be refunded less 50%. After that no refund will be given.


The Organizing Committee and Congrex Sweden AB accept no liability for injuries/ losses of any nature incurred by participants and/or accompanying persons, nor for loss or damage to their luggage and/or personal belongings.


 Important Addresses and Telephone Numbers 

Registration, hotel booking, social events and general information

All matters regarding registration, hotel booking, social events and general information are handled by Congrex Sweden AB. Before and after the Conference:

Congrex Sweden AB
Attn. IJCAI 99
P.O. Box 5619

Phone: +46 8 459 66 00
Fax: +46 8 661 91 25
E-mail: ijcai@congrex.se

During the Conference all inquires to:

City Conference Centre
Attn. IJCAI 99
Barnhusgatan 12-14

Phone: + 46 8 506 166 00
Fax: + 46 8 10 90 71

Information about the conference program

Inquiries about the conference program will be handled by the Department of Computer and Systems Sciences, Stockholm University and Royal Institute of Technology (DSV).

Attn. DSV, IJCAI-99
Electrum 230
SE-164 40 Kista

Phone: +46 8 16 1612
Fax: +46 8 703 9025
E-mail: ijcai99@dsv.su.se

Webmaster: Sven Olofsson, sveno@dsv.su.se
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