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Tutorial Program

The IJCAI-99 Tutorial Program features 20 four-hour tutorials that explore evolving techniques. Each tutorial is taught by experienced scientists and practitioners in AI. A separate registration fee applies to each tutorial. The tutorials will be organized in five main themes A-E with four tutorials in each theme. The themes are: Tutorial Chair: Boi Faltings

Please note that the house name - Folkets Hus or Norra Latin - and the room
number is required to identify a room.

Sunday, August 1
9.00 am - 1.00 pm 2.00 pm - 6.00 pm
A1 Agents and Multiagents in the
Internet and Intranets

Michael N. Huhns & Munindar P. Singh
Norra Latin, room 456
A2 Ontological Engineering
Asunción Gómez-Pérez
Norra Latin, room 456
B1 Robotic Soccer: The Research
Challenges and the Concrete
Simulation and Real Robot Platform

Peter Stone & Manuela Veloso
Norra Latin, room 453
B2 Intelligent Multimedia
Interface Agents

Wolfgang Wahlster &
Elisabeth Andre
Norra Latin, room 453
C1 Practical Planning Systems
Steve Chien & Brian Drabble
Norra Latin, room 357
C2 Knowledge-based Scheduling
Steve Chien & Stephen Smith
Norra Latin, room 357
D1 Neural Networks for Data
Structures: Principles and Applications

Paolo Frasconi & Alessandro Sperduti
Norra Latin, room 463
D2 Probalistic Argumentation

Jürg Kohlas & Rolf Haenni
Norra Latin, room 463
E1 Evaluating Machine Learning
and Knowledge Discovery

Foster Provost & David Jensen
Folkets Hus, room 307
E2 Practical Text Mining
Ronen Feldman
Folkets Hus, room 307

Monday, August 2
8.00 am - 12.00 pm 1.00 pm - 5.00 pm
A3 Collaborative Multiagent

Barbara Grosz & Charlie Ortiz
Norra Latin, room 456
A4 Principles of Agents and
Multiagent Systems:
Social, Ethical, and Legal
Abstractions and Reasoning

Michael N. Huhns & Munindar P. Singh
Norra Latin, room 456
B3 Behavior-based Robotics
Maja Mataric & Ronald Arkin
Norra Latin, room 453
B4 User-Adaptive Systems:
An Integative Overview

Anthony Jameson
Norra Latin, room 453
C3 Recent Advances in
AI Planning: A Unified View

Subbarao Kambhampati
Norra Latin, room 357
C4 Economically Founded
Multiagent Systems

Tuomas W. Sandholm
Norra Latin, room 357
D3 Learning Bayesian Networks
from Data

Nir Friedman & Moises Goldszmidt
Norra Latin, room 463
D4 Solving AI Problems
with Satisfiability

Ian Gent & Toby Walsh
Norra Latin, room 463
E3 Automatic Text
Summarization: Methods,
Systems and Evaluation

Udo Hahn & Inderjeet Mani
Folkets Hus, room 307
E4 Introduction to Information
Extraction Technology

Douglas E. Appelt & David J. Israel
Folkets Hus, room 307

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