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IJCAI-97 Accommodations


Participants wishing to make a hotel reservation should address their request to Nippon Express Co., Ltd., IJCAI-97's official travel agent including the name of hotel desired, the number of the rooms needed and the duration of stay on the application form by no later than June 20, 1997.

All applicants are requested to pay the accommodation fees at the front desk of the hotels when checking out.

The List of Hotels for IJCAI-97

Hotel Name
(Phone Number)
Special Discount Rate
(including service & tax)
Nagoya Tokyu Hotel
Headquarter Hotel
5 mins walk
from Sakae
11,500 22,000
(single use) 18,000
Nagoya Kanko Hotel
3 mins walk
from Fushimi
13,000 22,000
(single use) 16,000
Hotel Nagoya Castle
10 mins walk
from Sengen-cho
11,000 21,000
(single use) 17,000
Hotel Castle Plaza
5 mins walk
from Nagoya
9,000 16,000
Nagoya Dai-ichi Hotel
3 mins walk
from Nagoya
8,500 17,000
Meitetsu Grand Hotel
9,000 16,000
Nagoya Fuji Park Hotel
2 mins walk
from Sakae
9,000 16,000
Hotel Preceed Nagoya
4 mins walk
from Sakae
11,500 18,600
Nagoya Sakae Tokyu Inn
5 mins walk
from Sakae
8,500 14,500
Chisan Hotel Nagoya Sakae
4 mins walk
from Sakae
6,500 11,000
Shanpia Hotel Nagoya
3 mins walk
from Fushimi
7,500 13,000
Nagoya Plaza Hotel
3 mins walk
from Sakae
6,000 10,500
Hotel Osu Plaza
1 min walk
from Ohsu Kannon
6,000 12,500
Fushimi Mont Blanc Hotel
Nagoya Green Hotel
Nagoya Rolen Hotel
5,000 9,000

Inquiries concerning hotel accommodations should be directed to:

Mr.H.Hamada or Mr.T.Okubo
Nagoya Travel Brach
Nippon Express Co., Ltd.
Fushimi Bldg. 1F
1-5-28, Nishiki, Naka-ku Nagoya, Japan 460
Phone: 81-52-231-7841
Fax: 81-52-231-6207
E-mail: nittsur1@mxr.meshnet.or.jp
NOTE: E-mail address has been wrong! Now corrected.
E-mail address in a brochure is also wrong. Please contact with this E-mail address.

Nagoya & Japan Hotel Related Links

Please Refer following Links to Contact Above Hotels.

Student Housing

The Aichi Ken Seinen Kaikan is a youth hostel with space for up to 95 person. Western style rooms may be shared by two - four persons. Western style rooms may be shared by three - eight persons. Depending on the number of persons sharing rooms, the rates will be from 3,500 - 5,300 plus 5% tax. Reservations for Aichi Ken Seinen Kaikan (ASK) will be given to students from outside Japan. The deadline for reservations at Aichi Ken Seinen Kaikan is June 20, 1997.
Adress: 1-18-8 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi, 460 JAPAN

Tel: +81-52-221-6001

Cancellation charges are as follows:

An alternative is to stay at inexpensive ($40-$60) hotels; more than ten such hotels exist in the area. Another alternative for student housing is to use Japanese-style inns, called ryokans, where three to five students can share one room with budget rates ($30-$50).

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