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International Joint Conferences on Artificial Intelligence is a non-profit corporation founded in California, in 1969 for scientific and educational purposes, including dissemination of information on Artificial Intelligence at conferences in which cutting-edge scientific results are presented and through dissemination of materials presented at these meetings in form of Proceedings, books, video recordings, and other educational materials. IJCAI consists of two divisions: the Conference Division and the AI Journal Division. IJCAI conferences present premier international gatherings of AI researchers and practitioners and they were held biennially in odd-numbered years since 1969.

Starting with 2016, IJCAI conferences are held annually. IJCAI-21 will be held in Montreal, Canada, IJCAI-ECAI-22 in Bologna, Italy, IJCAI-23 in Cape Town, South Africa and IJCAI-PRICAI-24 in Shanghai, P.R. China.

IJCAI is governed by the Board of Trustees, with IJCAI Secretariat in charge of its operations.

 IJCAI-PRICAI-20 was held from January 7th until Jaunuary 15th, 2021 in a virtual Japanese reality. The Conference Committee and the Local Arrangements Committee thank you all for participating.
We are receiving nominations for IJCAI-21 Awards (deadline for nominations February 10, 2021)
IJCAI-20 Awards announced
AI Hub launched
IJCAI Marvin Minsky Medal for Outstanding Achievements in AI Awarded to Libratus Team
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