Intelligent Tutoring Systems: New Challenges and Directions

Can we devise educational systems that provide individualized instruction tailored to the needs of the individual learners, as many good teachers do? Intelligent Tutoring Systems is the interdisciplinary field that investigates this question by integrating research in Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science and Education. Research in this field has successfully delivered techniques and systems that provide adaptive support for student problem solving in variety of domains. There are, however, other educational activities that can benefit from individualized computer-based support, such as studying examples, exploring interactive simulations and playing educational games. Providing individualized support for these activities rises unique challenges, because it requires that an ITS can model and adapt to student behaviors, skills and mental states often not as structured and well-defined as those involved in traditional problem solving. I will present a variety of projects that illustrate some of these challenges, our proposed solutions, and future opportunities.

Christina Conati