HTN Planning with Preferences

In this paper we address the problem of generating preferred plans by combining the procedural control knowledge specified by Hierarchical Task Networks (HTNs) with rich user preferences. To this end, we extend the popular Planning Domain Definition Language, PDDL3, to support specification of simple and temporally extended preferences over HTN constructs. To compute preferred HTN plans, we propose a branch-and-bound algorithm, together with a set of heuristics that, leveraging HTN structure, measure progress towards satisfaction of preferences. Our preference-based planner, HTNPLAN-P, is implemented as an extension of the SHOP2 planner. We compared our planner with SGPLAN5 and HPLAN-P the top performers in the 2006 International Planning Competition preference tracks. HTNPLAN-P generated plans that in all but a few cases equalled or exceeded the quality of plans returned by HPLAN-P and SGPLAN5. While our implementation builds on SHOP2, the language and techniques proposed here are relevant to a broad range of HTN planners.

Shirin Sohrabi, Jorge A. Baier, Sheila A. McIlraith