Proceedings Abstracts of the Twenty-Third International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Breakout Local Search for the Vertex Separator Problem / 461
Una Benlic, Jin-Kao Hao

In this paper, we propose the first heuristic approach for the vertex separator problem (VSP), based on Breakout Local Search (BLS). BLS is a recent meta-heuristic that follows the general framework of the popular Iterated Local Search (ILS) with a particular focusĀ  on the perturbation strategy. Based on some relevant information on search history, it tries to introduce the most suitable degree of diversification by determining adaptively the number and type of moves for the next perturbation phase. The proposed heuristic is highly competitive with the exact state-of-art approaches from the literature on the current VSP benchmark. Moreover, we present for the first time computational results for a set of large graphs with up to 3000 vertices, which constitutes a new challenging benchmark for VSP approaches.