Proceedings Abstracts of the Twenty-Third International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Dominance Rules for the Choquet Integral in Multiobjective Dynamic Programming / 538
Lucie Galand, Julien Lesca, Patrice Perny

Multiobjective Dynamic Programming (MODP) is a general problem solving method used to determine the set of Pareto-optimal solutions in optimization problems involving discrete decision variables and multiple objectives. It applies to combinatorial problems in which Pareto-optimality of a solution extends to all its sub-solutions (Bellman principle). In this paper we focus on the determination of the preferred tradeoffs in the Pareto set where preference is measured by a Choquet integral. This model provides high descriptive possibilities but the associated preferences generally do not meet the Bellman principle, thus preventing any straightforward adaptation of MODP. To overcome this difficulty, we introduce here a general family of dominance rules enabling an early pruning of some Pareto-optimal sub-solutions that cannot lead to a Choquet optimum. Within this family, we identify the most efficient dominance rules and show how they can be incorporated into a MODP algorithm. Then we report numerical tests showing the actual efficiency of this approach to find Choquet-optimal tradeoffs in multiobjective knapsack problems.