Proceedings Abstracts of the Twenty-Third International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Do Hard SAT-Related Reasoning Tasks Become Easier in the Krom Fragment? / 824
Nadia Creignou, Reinhard Pichler, Stefan Woltran

Many AI-related reasoning problems are based on the problem of satisfiability (SAT). While SAT itself becomes easy when restricting the structure of the formulas in a certain way, this is not guaranteed for more involved reasoning problems. In this work, we focus on reasoning tasks in the areas of belief revision and logic-based abduction and show that in some cases the restriction to Krom formulas (i.e., formulas in CNF where clauses have at most two literals) decreases the complexity, while in others it does not. We thus also consider additional restrictions to Krom formulas towards a better identification of the tractability frontier of such problems.