Proceedings Abstracts of the Twenty-Third International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Unlearning from Demonstration / 1699
Keith Sullivan, Ahmed ElMolla, Bill Squires, Sean Luke

When doing learning from demonstration, it is often the case that the demonstrator provides corrective examples to fix errant behavior by the agent or robot. We present a set of algorithms which use this corrective data to identify and remove noisy examples in datasets which caused errant classifications, and ultimately errant behavior. The objective is to actually modify the source datasets rather than solely rely on the noise-insensitivity of the classification algorithm. This is particularly useful in the sparse datasets often found in learning from demonstration experiments. Our approach tries to distinguish between noisy misclassification and mere undersampling of the learning space. If errors are a result of misclassification, we potentially remove the responsible points and update the classifier. We demonstrate our method on UCI Machine Learning datasets at different levels of sparsity and noise, using decision trees, K-Nearest-Neighbor, and support vector machines.