Proceedings Abstracts of the Twenty-Third International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence

PPSGen: Learning to Generate Presentation Slides for Academic Papers / 2099
Yue Hu, Xiaojun Wan

In this paper, we investigate a very challenging task of automatically generating presentation slides for academic papers. The generated presentation slides can be used as drafts to help the presenters prepare their formal slides in a quicker way. A novel system called PPSGen is proposed to address this task. It first employs regression methods to learn the importance of the sentences in an academic paper, and then exploits the integer linear programming (ILP) method to generate well-structured slides by selecting and aligning key phrases and sentences. Evaluation results on a test set of 200 pairs of papers and slides collected on the web demonstrate that our proposed PPSGen system can generate slides with better quality. A user study is also illustrated to show that PPSGen has a few evident advantages over baseline methods.