Proceedings Abstracts of the Twenty-Third International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Combine Constituent and Dependency Parsing via Reranking / 2155
Xiaona Ren, Xiao Chen, Chunyu Kit

This paper presents a reranking approach to combining constituent and dependency parsing, aimed at improving parsing performance on both sides. Most previous combination methods rely on complicated joint decoding to integrate graph- and transition-based dependency models. Instead, our approach makes use of a high-performance probabilistic context free grammar (PCFG) model to output k-best candidate constituent trees, and then a dependency parsing model to rerank the trees by their scores from both models, so as to get the most probable parse. Experimental results show that this reranking approach achieves the highest accuracy of constituent and dependency parsing on Chinese treebank (CTB5.1) and a comparable performance to the state of the art on English treebank (WSJ).