Proceedings Abstracts of the Twenty-Third International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Fusion of Word and Letter Based Metrics for Automatic MT Evaluation / 2204
Muyun Yang, Junguo Zhu, Sheng Li, Tiejun Zhao

With the progress in machine translation, it becomes more subtle to develop the evaluation metric capturing the systems' differences in comparison to the human translations. In contrast to the current efforts in leveraging more linguistic information to depict translation quality, this paper takes the thread of combining language independent features for a robust solution to MT evaluation metric. To compete with finer granularity of modeling brought by linguistic features, the proposed method augments the word level metrics by a letter based calculation. An empirical study is then conducted over WMT data to train the metrics by ranking SVM. The results reveal that the integration of current language independent metrics can generate well enough performance for a variety of languages. Time-split data validation is promising as a better training setting, though the greedy strategy also works well.