Proceedings Abstracts of the Twenty-Third International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Handling Open Knowledge for Service Robots / 2459
Xiaoping Chen, Jianmin Ji, Zhiqiang Sui, Jiongkun Xie

Users may ask a service robot to accomplish various tasks so that the designer of the robot cannot program each of the tasks beforehand. As more and more open-source knowledge resources become available, it is worthwhile trying to make use of open-source knowledge resources for service robots. The challenge lies in the autonomous identification, acquisition and utilization of missing knowledge about a user task at hand. In this paper, the core problem is formalized and the complexity results of the main reasoning issues are provided. A mechanism for task planning with open-knowledge rules which are provided by non-experts in semi-structured natural language and thus generally underspecified are introduced. Techniques for translating the semi-structured knowledge from a large open-source knowledge base are also presented. Experiments showed a remarkable improvement of the system performance on a test set consisting of hundreds of user desires from the open-source knowledge base.