Proceedings Abstracts of the Twenty-Third International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Accurate Integration of Crowdsourced Labels Using Workers' Self-Reported Confidence Scores / 2554
Satoshi Oyama, Yukino Baba, Yuko Sakurai, Hisashi Kashima

We have developed a method for using confidence scores to integrate labels provided by crowdsourcing workers. Although confidence scores can be useful information for estimating the quality of the provided labels, a way to effectively incorporate them into the integration process has not been established. Moreover, some workers are overconfident about the quality of their labels while others are underconfident, and some workers are quite accurate in judging the quality of their labels. This differing reliability of the confidence scores among workers means that the probability distributions for the reported confidence scores differ among workers. To address this problem, we extended the Dawid-Skene model and created two probabilistic models in which the values of unobserved true labels are inferred from the observed provided labels and reported confidence scores by using the expectation-maximization algorithm. Results of experiments using actual crowdsourced data for image labeling and binary question answering tasks showed that incorporating workers' confidence scores can improve the accuracy of integrated crowdsourced labels.