Proceedings Abstracts of the Twenty-Third International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence

GBPR: Group Preference Based Bayesian Personalized Ranking for One-Class Collaborative Filtering / 2691
Weike Pan, Li Chen

One-class collaborative filtering or collaborative ranking with implicit feedback has been steadily receiving more attention, mostly due to the "one-class" characteristics of data in various services, e.g., "like" in Facebook and "bought" in Amazon. Previous works for solving this problem include pointwise regression methods based on absolute rating assumptions and pairwise ranking methods with relative score assumptions, where the latter was empirically found performing much better because it models users' ranking-related preferences more directly. However, the two fundamental assumptions made in the pairwise ranking methods, (1) individual pairwise preference over two items and (2) independence between two users, may not always hold. As a response, we propose a new and improved assumption, group Bayesian personalized ranking (GBPR), via introducing richer interactions among users. In particular, we introduce group preference, to relax the aforementioned individual and independence assumptions. We then design a novel algorithm correspondingly, which can recommend items more accurately as shown by various ranking-oriented evaluation metrics on four real-world datasets in our experiments.