Proceedings Abstracts of the Twenty-Third International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Exploiting Local and Global Social Context for Recommendation / 2712
Jiliang Tang, Xia Hu, Huiji Gao, Huan Liu

With the fast development of social media, the information overload problem becomes increasingly severe and recommender systems play an important role in helping online users find relevant information by suggesting information of potential interests. Social activities for online users produce abundant social relations. Social relations provide an independent source for recommendation, presenting both opportunities and challenges for traditional recommender systems. Users are likely to seek suggestions from both their local friends and users with high global reputations, motivating us to exploit social relations from local and global perspectives for online recommender systems in this paper. We develop approaches to capture local and global social relations, and propose a novel framework LOCABAL taking advantage of both local and global social context for recommendation. Empirical results on real-world datasets demonstrate the effectiveness of our proposed framework and further experiments are conducted to understand how local and global social context work for the proposed framework.