Proceedings Abstracts of the Twenty-Third International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Social Influence Locality for Modeling Retweeting Behaviors / 2761
Jing Zhang, Biao Liu, Jie Tang, Ting Chen, Juanzi Li

We study an interesting phenomenon of social influence locality in a large microblogging network, which suggests that users' behaviors are mainly influenced by close friends in their ego networks. We provide a formal definition for the notion of social influence locality and develop two instantiation functions based on pairwise influence and structural diversity. The defined influence locality functions have strong predictive power. Without any additional features, we can obtain a F1-score of 71.65% for predicting users' retweet behaviors by training a logistic regression classifier based on the defined functions. Our analysis also reveals several intriguing discoveries. For example, though the probability of a user retweeting a microblog is positively correlated with the number of friends who have retweeted the microblog, it is surprisingly negatively correlated with the number of connected circles that are formed by those friends.