Proceedings Abstracts of the Twenty-Third International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Optimal Valve Placement in Water Distribution Networks with CLP(FD) / 2987
Massimiliano Cattafi, Marco Gavanelli, Maddalena Nonato, Stefano Alvisi, Marco Franchini

This paper presents a new application of logic programming to a real-life problem in hydraulic engineering. The work is developed as a collaboration of computer scientists and hydraulic engineers, and applies Constraint Logic Programming to solve a hard combinatorial problem. This application deals with one aspect of the design of a water distribution network, i.e., the valve isolation system design. We take the formulation of the problem by [Giustolisi and Savic, 2008] and show how, thanks to constraint propagation, we can get better solutions than the best solution known in the literature for the Apulian distribution network.