Proceedings Abstracts of the Twenty-Third International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence

The RoboEarth Language: Representing and Exchanging Knowledge about Actions, Objects, and Environments (Extended Abstract) / 3091
Moritz Tenorth, Alexander Perzylo, Reinhard Lafrenz, Michael Beetz

The community-based generation of content has been tremendously successful in the World Wide Web — people help each other by providing information that could be useful to others. We are trying to transfer this approach to robotics in order to help robots acquire the vast amounts of knowledge needed to competently perform everyday tasks. RoboEarth is intended to be a web community by robots for robots to autonomously share descriptions of tasks they have learned, object models they have created, and environments they have explored. In this paper, we report on the formal language we developed for encoding this information and present our approaches to solve the inference problems related to finding information, to determining if information is usable by a robot, and to grounding it on the robot platform.