Proceedings Abstracts of the Twenty-Fourth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Expressive Logical Combinators for Free / 311
Pierre Geneves, Alan Schmitt

A popular technique for the analysis of web query languages relies on the translation of queries into logical formulas. These formulas are then solved for satisfiability using an off-the-shelf satisfiability solver. A critical aspect in this approach is the size of the obtained logical formula, since it constitutes a factor that affects the combined complexity of the global approach. We present logical combinators whose benefit is to provide an exponential gain in succinctness in terms of the size of the logical representation. This opens the way for solving a wide range of problems such as satisfiability and containment for expressive query languages in exponential-time, even though their direct formulation into the underlying logic results in an exponential blowup of the formula size, yielding an incorrectly presumed two-exponential time complexity. We illustrate this from a practical point of view on a few examples such as numerical occurrence constraints and tree frontier properties which are concrete problems found with semi-structured data.