Proceedings Abstracts of the Twenty-Fourth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Mining Definitions from RDF Annotations Using Formal Concept Analysis / 823
Mehwish Alam, Aleksey Buzmakov, Victor Codocedo, Amedeo Napoli

The popularization and quick growth of Linked Open Data (LOD) has led to challenging aspects regarding quality assessment and data exploration of the RDF triples that shape the LOD cloud.Particularly, we are interested in the completeness of data and its potential to provide concept definitions in terms of necessary and sufficient conditions.In this work we propose a novel technique based on Formal Concept Analysis which organizes RDF data into a concept lattice.This allows data exploration as well as the discovery of implications, which are used to automatically detect missing information and then to complete RDF data.Moreover, this is a way of reconciling syntax and semantics in the LOD cloud.Finally, experiments on the DBpedia knowledge base show that the approach is well-founded and effective.