Proceedings Abstracts of the Twenty-Fourth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Iterative Learning of Parallel Lexicons and Phrases from Non-Parallel Corpora / 1250
Meiping Dong, Yang Liu, Huanbo Luan, Maosong Sun, Tatsuya Izuha, Dakun Zhang

While parallel corpora are an indispensable resource for data-driven multilingual natural language processing tasks such as machine translation, they are limited in quantity, quality and coverage. As a result, learning translation models from non-parallel corpora has become increasingly important nowadays, especially for low-resource languages. In this work, we propose a joint model for iteratively learning parallel lexicons and phrases from nonparallel corpora. The model is trained using a Viterbi EM algorithm that alternates between constructing parallel phrases using lexicons and updating lexicons based on the constructed parallel phrases. Experiments on Chinese-English datasets show that our approach learns better parallel lexicons and phrases and improves translation performance significantly.