Proceedings Abstracts of the Twenty-Fourth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Incorporating Domain and Sentiment Supervision in Representation Learning for Domain Adaptation / 1277
Biao Liu, Minlie Huang, Jiashen Sun, Xuan Zhu

Domain adaptation aims at learning robust classifiers across domains using labeled data from a source domain. Representation learning methods, which project the original features to a new feature space, have been proved to be quite effective for this task. However, these unsupervised methods neglect the domain information of the input and are not specialized for the classification task. In this work, we address two key factors to guide the representation learning process for domain adaptation of sentiment classification — one is domain supervision, enforcing the learned representation to better predict the domain of an input, and the other is sentiment supervision which utilizes the source domain sentiment labels to learn sentiment-favorable representations. Experimental results show that these two factors significantly improve the proposed models as expected.