Proceedings Abstracts of the Twenty-Fourth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Delete Relaxations for Planning with State-Dependent Action Costs / 1573
Florian Geißer, Thomas Keller, Robert Mattmüller

Most work in planning focuses on tasks with state-independent or even uniform action costs. However, supporting state-dependent action costs admits a more compact representation of many tasks. We investigate how to solve such tasks using heuristic search, with a focus on delete-relaxation heuristics. We first define a generalization of the additive heuristic to such tasks and then discuss different ways of computing it via compilations to tasks with state-independent action costs and more directly by modifying the relaxed planning graph. We evaluate these approaches theoretically and present an implementation of the additive heuristic for planning with state-dependent action costs. To our knowledge, this gives rise to the first approach able to handle even the hardest instances of the combinatorial Academic Advising domain from the International Probabilistic Planning Competition (IPPC) 2014.