Proceedings Abstracts of the Twenty-Fourth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Optimal Planning with Axioms / 1580
Franc Ivankovic, Patrik Haslum

The use of expressive logical axioms to specify derived predicates often allows planning domains to be formulated more compactly and naturally. We consider axioms in the form of a logic program with recursively defined predicates and negation-as-failure, as in PDDL 2.2. We show that problem formulations with axioms are not only more elegant, but can also be easier to solve, because specifying indirect action effects via axioms removes unnecessary choices from the search space of the planner. Despite their potential, however, axioms are not widely supported, particularly by cost-optimal planners. We draw on the connection between planning axioms and answer set programming to derive a consistency-based relaxation, from which we obtain axiom-aware versions of several admissible planning heuristics, such as hmax and pattern database heuristics.