Proceedings Abstracts of the Twenty-Fourth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Probabilistic Knowledge-Based Programs / 1594
Jérôme Lang, Bruno Zanuttini

We introduce Probabilistic Knowledge-Based Programs (PKBPs), a new, compact representation of policies for factored partially observable Markov decision processes. PKBPs use branching conditions such as if the probability of Φ is larger than p, and many more. While similar in spirit to value-based policies, PKBPs leverage the factored representation for more compactness. They also cope with more general goals than standard state-based rewards, such as pure information-gathering goals. Compactness comes at the price of reactivity, since evaluating branching conditions on-line is not polynomial in general. In this sense, PKBPs are complementary to other representations. Our intended application is as a tool for experts to specify policies in a natural, compact language, then have them verified automatically. We study succinctness and the complexity of verification for PKBPs.