Proceedings Abstracts of the Twenty-Fourth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Prime Compilation of Non-Clausal Formulae / 1980
Alessandro Previti, Alexey Ignatiev, Antonio Morgado, Joao Marques-Silva

Formula compilation by generation of prime implicates or implicants finds a wide range of applications in AI. Recent work on formula compilation by prime implicate/implicant generation often assumes a Conjunctive/Disjunctive Normal Form (CNF/DNF) representation. However, in many settings propositional formulae are naturally expressed in non-clausal form. Despite a large body of work on compilation of non-clausal formulae, in practice existing approaches can only be applied to fairly small formulae, containing at most a few hundred variables. This paper describes two novel approaches for the compilation of non-clausal formulae either with prime implicants or implicates, that is based on propositional Satisfiability (SAT) solving. These novel algorithms also find application when computing all prime implicates of a CNF formula. The proposed approach is shown to allow the compilation of non-clausal formulae of size significantly larger than existing approaches.