Proceedings Abstracts of the Twenty-Fourth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Adaptive Sharing for Image Classification / 2183
Li Shen, Gang Sun, Zhouchen Lin, Qingming Huang, Enhua Wu

In this paper, we formulate the image classification problem in a multi-task learning framework. We propose a novel method to adaptively share information among tasks (classes). Different from imposing strong assumptions or discovering specific structures, the key insight in our method is to selectively extract and exploit the shared information among classes while capturing respective disparities simultaneously. It is achieved by estimating a composite of two sets of parameters with different regularization. Besides applying it for learning classifiers on pre-computed features, we also integrate the adaptive sharing with deep neural networks, whose discriminative power can be augmented by encoding class relationship. We further develop two strategies for solving the optimization problems in the two scenarios. Empirical results demonstrate that our method can significantly improve the classification performance by transferring knowledge appropriately.