Proceedings Abstracts of the Twenty-Fourth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Slogans Are Not Forever: Adapting Linguistic Expressions to the News / 2452
Lorenzo Gatti, Gözde özbal, Marco Guerini, Oliviero Stock, Carlo Strapparava

Artistic creation is often based on the concept of blending. Linguistic creativity is no exception, as demonstrated for instance by the importance of metaphors in poetry. Blending can also be used to evoke a secondary concept while playing with an already given piece of language, either with the intention of making the secondary concept well perceivable to the reader, or instead, to subtly evoke something additional. Current language technology can do a lot in this connection, and automated language creativity can be useful in cases where input or target are to change continuously, making human production not feasible. In this work we present a system that takes existing well-known expressions and innovates them by bringing in a novel concept coming from evolving news. The technology is composed of several steps concerned with the selection of the sortable concepts and the production of novel expressions, largely relying on state of the art corpus-based methods. Proposed applications include: i) producing catchy news headlines by "parasitically" exploiting well known successful expressions and adapting them to the news at hand; ii) generating adaptive slogans that allude to news of the day and give life to the concept evoked by the slogan; iii) providing artists with an application for boosting their creativity.