Proceedings Abstracts of the Twenty-Fourth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Batch Reinforcement Learning for Smart Home Energy Management / 2561
Heider Berlink, Anna HR Costa

Smart grids enhance power grids by integrating electronic equipment, communication systems and computational tools. In a smart grid, consumers can insert energy into the power grid. We propose a new energy management system (called RLbEMS) that autonomously defines a policy for selling or storing energy surplus in smart homes. This policy is achieved through Batch Reinforcement Learning with historical data about energy prices, energy generation, consumer demand and characteristics of storage systems. In practical problems, RLbEMS has learned good energy selling policies quickly and effectively. We obtained maximum gains of 20.78% and 10.64%, when compared to a Naive-greedy policy, for smart homes located in Brazil and in the USA, respectively. Another important result achieved by RLbEMS was the reduction of about 30% of peak demand, a central desideratum for smart grids.