Proceedings Abstracts of the Twenty-Fourth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Probabilistic Inference in Hybrid Domains by Weighted Model Integration / 2770
Vaishak Belle, Andrea Passerini, Guy Van den Broeck

Weighted model counting (WMC) on a propositional knowledge base is an effective and general approach to probabilistic inference in a variety of formalisms, including Bayesian and Markov Networks. However, an inherent limitation of WMC is that it only admits the inference of discrete probability distributions. In this paper, we introduce a strict generalization of WMC called weighted model integration that is based on annotating Boolean and arithmetic constraints, and combinations thereof. This methodology is shown to capture discrete, continuous and hybrid Markov networks. We then consider the task of parameter learning for a fragment of the language. An empirical evaluation demonstrates the applicability and promise of the proposal.