Proceedings Abstracts of the Twenty-Fourth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Beyond SPARQL under OWL 2 QL Entailment Regime: Rules to the Rescue / 2999
Georg Gottlob, Andreas Pieris

SPARQL is the de facto language for querying RDF data, since its standardization in 2008. A new version, called SPARQL 1.1, was released in 2013, with the aim of enriching the 2008 language with reasoning capabilities to deal with RDFS and OWL vocabularies, and a mechanism to express navigation patterns through regular expressions. However, SPARQL 1.1 is not powerful enough for expressing some relevant navigation patterns, and it misses a general form of recursion. In this work, we focus on OWL 2 QL and we propose TriQ-Lite 1.0, a tractable rule-based formalism that supports the above functionalities, and thus it can be used for querying RDF data. Unlike existing composite approaches, our formalism has simple syntax and semantics in the same spirit as good old Datalog.