Proceedings Abstracts of the Twenty-Fourth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Abstract Argumentation Frameworks — From Theoretical Insights to Practical Implications / 4377
Thomas Linsbichler

Abstract argumentation frameworks (AFs) are one of the central formalisms in AI; equipped with a wide range of semantics, they have proven useful in several application domains. In the thesis we want to complete and extend the recent study on expressiveness of argumentation semantics and use these and other theoretical results for implementations of reasoning tasks in AFs. Moreover, we plan to utilize results on realizability in dynamic scenarios of abstract argumentation, such as revision of argumentation frameworks. Hereby, the knowledge of which extensions can occur together is of central interest when trying to achieve a certain outcome. In other words, the ultimate goal of the thesis is to gain theoretical insights on argumentation semantics in order to employ them in practically efficient reasoning systems for both the evaluation and evolution of AFs.