Proceedings Abstracts of the Twenty-Fifth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Efficient Resource Allocation for Protecting Coral Reef Ecosystems / 531
Yue Yin, Bo An

Coral reefs are valuable and fragile ecosystems which are under threat from human activities like coral mining. Many countries have built marine protected areas (MPAs) and protect their ecosystems through boat patrol. However, it remains a significant challenge to efficiently patrol the MPAs given the limited patrol resources of the protection agency and potential destructors' strategic actions. In this paper, we view the problem of efficiently patrolling for protecting coral reef ecosystems from a game-theoretic perspective and propose 1) a new Stackelberg game model to formulate the problem of protecting MPAs, 2) two algorithms to compute the efficient protection agency's strategies: CLP in which the protection agency's strategies are compactly represented as fractional flows in a network, and CDOG which combines the techniques of compactly representing defender strategies and incrementally generating strategies. Experimental results show that our approach leads to significantly better solution quality than that of previous works.