Proceedings Abstracts of the Twenty-Fifth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Constraint Acquisition with Recommendation Queries / 720
Abderrazak Daoudi, Younes Mechqrane, Christian Bessiere, Nadjib Lazaar, El Houssine Bouyakhf

Constraint acquisition systems assist the non-expert user in modeling her problem as a constraint network. Most existing constraint acquisition systems interact with the user by asking her to classify an example as positive or negative. Such queries do not use the structure of the problem and can thus lead the user to answer a large number of queries. In this paper, we propose Predict&Ask, an algorithm based on the prediction of missing constraints in the partial network learned so far. Such missing constraints are directly asked to the user through recommendation queries, a new, more informative kind of queries. Predict&Ask can be plugged in any constraint acquisition system. We experimentally compare the QuAcq system to an extended version boosted by the use of our recommendation queries. The results show that the extended version improves the basic QuAcq.