Proceedings Abstracts of the Twenty-Fifth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Optimizing Simple Tabular Reduction with a Bitwise Representation / 787
Ruiwei Wang, Wei Xia, Roland H. C. Yap, Zhanshan Li

Maintaining Generalized Arc Consistency (GAC) during search is considered an efficient way to solve non-binary constraint satisfaction problems. Bit-based representations have been used effectively in Arc Consistency algorithms. We propose STRbit, a GAC algorithm, based on simple tabular reduction (STR) using an efficient bit vector support data structure. STRbit is extended to deal with compression of the underlying constraint with c-tuples. Experimental evaluation show our algorithms are faster than many algorithms (STR2, STR2-C, STR3, STR3-C and MDDc) across a variety of benchmarks except for problems with small tables where complex data structures do not payoff.