Proceedings Abstracts of the Twenty-Fifth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Iterative Views Agreement: An Iterative Low-Rank Based Structured Optimization Method to Multi-View Spectral Clustering / 2153
Yang Wang, Wenjie Zhang, Lin Wu, Xuemin Lin, Meng Fang, Shirui Pan

Multi-view spectral clustering, which aims at yielding an agreement or consensus data objects grouping across multi-views with their graph laplacian matrices, is a fundamental clustering problem. Among the existing methods, Low-Rank Representation (LRR) based method is quite superior in terms of its effectiveness, intuitiveness and robustness to noise corruptions. However, it aggressively tries to learn a common low-dimensional subspace for multi-view data, while inattentively ignoring the local manifold structure in each view, which is critically important to the spectral clustering; worse still, the low-rank minimization is enforced to achieve the data correlation consensus among all views, failing to flexibly preserve the local manifold structure for each view. In this paper, 1) we propose a multi-graph laplacian regularized LRR with each graph laplacian corresponding to one view to characterize its local manifold structure. 2) Instead of directly enforcing the low-rank minimization among all views for correlation consensus, we separately impose low-rank constraint on each view, coupled with a mutual structural consensus constraint, where it is able to not only well preserve the local manifold structure but also serve as a constraint for that from other views, which iteratively makes the views more agreeable. Extensive experiments on real-world multi-view data sets demonstrate its superiority.