Proceedings Abstracts of the Twenty-Fifth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Sparsity Conditional Energy Label Distribution Learning for Age Estimation / 2259
Xu Yang, Xin Geng, Deyu Zhou

By observing that the faces at close ages are similar, some Label Distribution Learning (LDL) methods have been proposed to solve age estimation tasks that they treat age distributions as the training targets. However, these existent LDL methods are limited because they can hardly extract enough useful information from complex image features. In this paper, Sparsity Conditional Energy Label Distribution Learning (SCE-LDL) is proposed to solve this problem. In the proposed SCE-LDL, age distributions are used as the training targets and energy function is utilized to define the age distribution. By assigning a suitable energy function, SCE-LDL can learn distributed representations, which provides the model with strong expressiveness for capturing enough of the complexity of interest from image features. The sparsity constraints are also incorporated to ameliorate the model. Experiment results in two age datasets show remarkable advantages of the proposed SCE-LDL model over the previous proposed age estimation methods.