Proceedings Abstracts of the Twenty-Fifth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Scale-Adaptive Low-Resolution Person Re-Identification via Learning a Discriminating Surface / 2669
Zheng Wang, Ruimin Hu, Yi Yu, Junjun Jiang, Chao Liang, Jinqiao Wang

Person re-identification, as an important task in video surveillance and forensics applications, has been widely studied. But most of previous approaches are based on the key assumption that images for comparison have the same resolution and a uniform scale. Some recent works investigate how to match low resolution query images against high resolution gallery images, but still assume that the low-resolution query images have the same scale. In real scenarios, person images may not only be with low-resolution but also have different scales. Through investigating the distance variation behavior by changing image scales, we observe that scale-distance functions, generated by image pairs under different scales from the same person or different persons, are distinguishable and can be classified as feasible (for a pair of images from the same person) or infeasible (for a pair of images from different persons). The scale-distance functions are further represented by parameter vectors in the scale-distance function space. On this basis, we propose to learn a discriminating surface separating these feasible and infeasible functions in the scale-distance function space, and use it for reidentifying persons. Experimental results on two simulated datasets and one public dataset demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed framework.