Proceedings Abstracts of the Twenty-Fifth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Sherlock: Sparse Hierarchical Embeddings for Visually-Aware One-Class Collaborative Filtering / 3740
Ruining He, Chunbin Lin, Jianguo Wang, Julian McAuley

Building successful recommender systems requires uncovering the underlying dimensions that describe the properties of items as well as users' preferences toward them. In domains like clothing recommendation, explaining users' preferences requires modeling the visual appearance of the items in question. This makes recommendation especially challenging, due to both the complexity and subtlety of people's visual preferences, as well as the scale and dimensionality of the data and features involved. Ultimately, a successful model should be capable of capturing considerable variance across different categories and styles, while still modeling the commonalities explained by global structures in order to combat the sparsity (e.g. cold-start), variability, and scale of real-world datasets. Here, we address these challenges by building such structures to model the visual dimensions across different product categories. With a novel hierarchical embedding architecture, our method accounts for both high-level (colorfulness, darkness, etc.) and subtle (e.g. casualness) visual characteristics simultaneously.