Proceedings Abstracts of the Twenty-Fifth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Browsing Regularities in Hedonic Content Systems / 3811
Ping Luo, Ganbin Zhou, Jiaxi Tang, Rui Chen, Zhongjie Yu, Qing He

Various hedonic content systems (e.g. mobile apps for video, music, news, jokes, pictures, social networks etc.) increasingly dominate people's daily spare life. This paper studies common regularities of browsing behaviors in these systems, based on a large data set of user logs. We found that despite differences in visit time and user types, the distribution over browsing length for a visit can be described by the inverse Gaussian form with a very high precision. It indicates that the choice threshold model of decision making on continuing browsing or leave does exist. Also, We found that the stimulus intensity, in terms of the amount of recent enjoyed items, affects the probability of continuing browsing in a curve of inverted-U shape. We discuss the possible origin of this curve based on a proposed Award-Aversion Contest model. This hypothesis is supported by the empirical study, which shows that the proposed model can successfully recover the original inverse Gaussian distribution for the browsing length. These browsing regularities can be used to develop better organization of hedonic content, which helps to attract more user dwell time in these systems.