Reviewers' code of conduct

Anyone who agrees to participate in the IJCAI review process certifies that:

1. They will deliver reviews on time (except for extenuating circumstances, in which case they will do their best to promptly notify the chairs of the delay).

2. They will read and follow the instructions of the program chair.

3. Their evaluation of papers will be of good scientific quality and will meet the highest standard of integrity.

4. They will not review a paper if they suspect a conflict of interest (See IJCAI code of CoI).

5. They will ensure strict confidentiality of the review process (including the names of reviewers and the contents of the paper as well as the reviews/discussion), and they will not use the received materials for any purpose other than the review process.

6. They will abide by the principles of good scientific conduct: honesty, transparency and accountability.

All reviewers and PC members acknowledge that IJCAI may take action upon individuals in breach of these principles, including – but not limited to – barring promotion to Senior PC member or Area Chair, banning individuals from submitting their work to a limited number of future IJCAI conferences, and sharing this information with other conferences in AI consortium.