Proceedings Abstracts of the Twenty-Third International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Personalized Diagnosis for Over-Constrained Problems / 1990
Alexander Felfernig, Monika Schubert, Stefan Reiterer

Constraint-based applications such as configurators, recommenders, and scheduling systems support users in complex decision making scenarios. Typically, these systems try to identify a solution that satisfies all articulated user requirements. If the requirements are inconsistent with the underlying constraint set, users have to be actively supported in finding a way out from the no solution could be found dilemma. In this paper we introduce techniques that support the calculation of personalized diagnoses for inconsistent constraint sets. These techniques significantly improve the diagnosis prediction quality compared to approaches based on the calculation of minimal cardinality diagnoses. In order to show the applicability of our approach we present the results of an empirical study and a corresponding performance analysis.