Proceedings Abstracts of the Twenty-Fourth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Learning Behaviors in Agents Systems with Interactive Dynamic Influence Diagrams / 39
Ross Conroy, Yifeng Zeng, Marc Cavazza, Yingke Chen

Interactive dynamic influence diagrams(I-DIDs) are a well recognized decision model that explicitly considers how multiagent interaction affects individual decision making. To predict behavior of other agents, I-DIDs require models of the other agents to be known ahead of time and manually encoded. This becomes a barrier to I-DID applications in a human-agent interaction setting, such as development of intelligent non-player characters(NPCs) in real-time strategy(RTS) games, where models of other agents or human players are often inaccessible to domain experts. In this paper, we use automatic techniques for learning behavior of other agents from replay data in RTS games. We propose a learning algorithm with improvement over existing work by building a full profile of agent behavior. This is the first time that data-driven learning techniques are embedded into the I-DID decision making framework. We evaluate the performance of our approach on two test cases.